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Mechatronik Module

Integration creates synergy

Make the best use of synergies with KOSTAL’s expertise and integrate mechanical and electronic requirements into perfect products.

To the business field
Bedienfelder und Schalter

Surfaces with depth

High quality surfaces combined with real materials, integrated displays, screens and even large-area faceplates: KOSTAL combines them all perfectly.

To the business field
Elektronische Steuergeräte

Electronics: smart and reliable

The entire spectrum: from power electronics and access authorisation systems through to comfort electronics – KOSTAL electronics control millions of vehicles reliably and intelligently all over the world.

To the business field

I love the automotive business because of the combination of technology, large volumes and the cost challenge. Reconciling that again and again is just tremendously exciting.

Kai Knickmann
CEO KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik

With and for our global customers, we bring cost-optimized product platforms and brand-building innovations to the automotive world of tomorrow - sustainability and innovation are firmly anchored in the KOSTAL DNA.

Herr Dr. Naumann
Dr. Tino Naumann
Member of the Management Board KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik / CSO and Region Americas

It is fantastic to be part of a highly competent global team developing solutions for tomorrow's mobility.

Herr Schwerak
Jörg Schwerak
Member of the Management Board KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik / CTO and Region Asia

Whether comfort electronics, networks or power electronics, we were and are innovation and integration drivers.

Herr Koschinski
Markus Koschinski
Executive Vice President Business Field Electronic Control Units KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik

Being engineers, we are increasingly acting as entrepreneurs in order to combine new technologies with new business models.

Herr Klöker
Dr. Justus Kloeker
Executive Vice President Industrialisation

The digital transformation can only be mastered in a team. That is why we encourage and demand the commitment of our employees.

Herr Stoss
Andreas Stoss
Executive Vice President Operations

Outstanding quality excellence without any restriction is what really matters to us and our customers.

Herr Dietrich
Dr. Björn Dietrich
Vice President Quality Member of the Executive Board KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik

The significant material usage in our products constantly challenges the purchasing department at KOSTAL to contribute to the company's success with innovative, reliable and competitive suppliers.

Dr. Georg Mohr
Executive Vice President Purchasing