Steering column modules
Steering column modules

Steering column modules

Senses. Experience. Mobility. From steering column switches to integrated modules: KOSTAL has been delivering steering column modules to the automotive industry for over 50 years.

Mechatronic integration

The KOSTAL product range extends from combined steering column switches for compact cars, where proven contact systems are used to switch high-power applications to tightly integrated high-end steering column modules in premium class vehicles with connection to the vehicle bus.

Facts – Steering column modules

Innovation & trends
  • Steering angle sensors – contactless, optical or magnetic 
  • Tactile feedback – customer-specific adaptation of forces and travel
  • Rotary coupler – U-turn principle with high data transfer rate and power to heat the steering wheel
  • Surfaces – high-quality plastic surfaces with chrome elements
  • Integration of display/camera/gear selector switch
  • Contactless switching – with 3D Hall sensor technology
Available functionality
  • Indicator, wiper and gear selector switches with short-stroke to active haptics
  • Steering angle sensors for electronic stability control and steer-by-wire 
  • High transfer rate thanks to rotary coupler for display
  • Search and function illumination with black panel 'vanish' effect
  • Decorative elements such as chrome add scope for individual design
  • Steering column modules for standard applications up to autonomous driving
  • SKINTEC® self-healing surfaces 
  • KOSTAL protec® antibacterial surfaces


The introduction of shift-by-wire in modern vehicles with automatic transmission is a trend which is now unstoppable. Its outstanding functionality and flexibility make it superior to previous systems in many respects. In addition, this new system gives the interior designer much greater freedom in deciding the form of the centre console.

Intuitive driver support and future-oriented technology

By integrating switch panels, customer-specific haptics and acoustics with high-quality design elements and innovative touch and sensor technology, KOSTAL has set new standards in the design of human-machine-interfaces. KOSTAL gear selector switches in the centre console combine intuitive driver support, high-quality surface design and future-oriented technology, all in a single mechatronic unit, providing an optimum solution for the vehicle architecture and brand world of our customers.

Facts – Centre consoles

Innovation & trends
  • Selection of functions/driver support
  • Position sensors
  • Patented 3D latching system
  • Switch panels
  • Bus systems
  • Surfaces
Available functionality
  • Gear selector switch as push button, rotary switch or stick shifter
  • Contactless operation with 3D Hall sensor
  • Integration in centre console, dashboard or steering column module
  • Varied design and surfaces from chrome to black panel with 'vanish' effect
  • Optional integration of P button, electric parking brake and recuperation button
  • Symbol illumination with search and function illumination