Das KOSTAL Well-Being-Duftsystem
Stirs. All. Senses.

A world first. Building brand identity with room fragrance systems: a multi-sensory experience

Modern space concepts and vehicle interiors which can be enjoyed with all the senses mean a real improvement in quality of life. High-quality fragrances improve physical, mental and even spiritual well-being. The right fragrance can help to relieve fatigue, reduce stress and increase ability to concentrate.

Multi-sensory brand enhancement

Fragrances enhance the emotional appeal of products and thereby also reinforce the preference for a certain brand. What’s more, room fragrances contribute to creating a personalised atmosphere and help to eliminate unpleasant odours. High-quality materials and an appealing ambient lighting system also help to present the vehicle interior in such a way as to enhance the brand.

Ready to use at any time

Additional features of the system include extremely low-noise fan operation and a wide range of variable fragrance intensity levels. Finely tuned diffusion in the vehicle interior ensures that the fragrance is evenly distributed throughout. While developing the fragrance system, we succeeded in combining successful models from the high-end perfume industry with an automotive environment so as to enable the fragrance system to fulfil all current requirements for automotive applications.

The right fragrance for any atmosphere

I love the automotive business because of the combination of technology, large volumes and the cost challenge. Reconciling that again and again is just tremendously exciting.

Kai Knickmann
CEO KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik

Technical perfection meets design

KOSTAL fragrance systems are self-sufficient units which can be integrated into the vehicle independently of existing air conditioning concepts. Solid or liquid fragrances can be used depending on the customer’s requirements in each case.
    • Creation of ambience in the vehicle interior
    • Reinforcement of brand identity
    • Privacy through personalisation
    • Welcoming, pleasant aromas
    • Sense of physical, mental and emotional well-being
    • Elimination of unpleasant odours
    • Relief from fatigue
    • Stress reduction
    • Separate supply of fragranced air into the vehicle interior, independent of the air conditioning system
    • Permanently consistent fragrance concentration Long fragrance unit life
    • Automatic adaptation of the fragrance unit (bottle/cartridge)
    • Valve actuation upon detection of bottle
    • CAN/LIN bus interface
    • Illumination, stylish design and high-quality surface finish
    • Selection of suitable solid or liquid fragrances together with the OEM
    • Materials, surfaces and seal systems compatible with fragrances
    • Responsibility for the entire value added chain for the fragrance unit/packaging including after-sales business
    • Layout and selection of low-noise pumps and fans
    • Controllable valves
    • Use of dynamic simulation procedures to optimise flow and acoustics

From simulation to series production

As a mechatronics specialist with  an excellent understanding of the overarching systems involved, a complete physical simulation chain and international development and production capacity, KOSTAL  is a predestined OEM partner for future-oriented innovation with the aim of realising holistic well-being and emotional control concepts in vehicles.

The next generation

The next generation is cost- and space-optimised and due to enter series production soon.