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KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik receives funding for innovative research projects

With over 10 projects submitted under the Research Grants Act (FZulG), KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik (KAE) is demonstrating its innovative strength and commitment. To date, high project budgets have been approved for the implementation of these groundbreaking research projects. Further projects are submitted.

The BSFZ seal is awarded by the Certifying Authority for Research Grants (Bescheinigungsstelle Forschungszulage, BSFZ) exclusively to companies that have successfully carried out research and development projects and whose contribution to technological advancement is recognised. The award of the seal underlines the outstanding competence and commitment of KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik.

"This award confirms our ongoing efforts to drive pioneering research and development in the automotive industry," says Frank Bläsing, Head of Innovation at KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik. "With funding like this, we can further strengthen our innovative power in line with our vision of "First choice in every car" and expand our position."

KAE's funded projects cover a broad spectrum of forward-looking technologies and solutions in the areas of charging electronics, control elements and simulation. 

KAE is determined to continue developing innovative solutions to make mobility more attractive and efficient and to make an important contribution to the sustainability of mobility in the future.