KOSTAL Bedienelemente, Faceplates und Schalter

Switch panels, faceplates and switches

Products which appear different because of their high-quality presentation make a difference for the customer. The customer expects a certain ambience in his vehicle.

KOSTAL Bedienfelder, Faceplates und Schalter

The passenger compartment is changing

Top-quality surface finishes, carefully designed lighting and uniform gaps kept to a minimum between components: these are just a few of the challenges which KOSTAL product and process technologies have met so successfully.

Our solutions are based on more than 70 years’ experience in the development and production of switch panels and switches for the automotive industry.

Customer-specific design and development

In line with the customer’s requirements profile, KOSTAL provide fully-configurable module and platform concepts for control devices. KOSTAL development systems use proven, standard technologies and integrate these into new installation situations and surface designs.
Production facilities meeting recognised world-wide standards ensure total flexibility in deciding on the appropriate manufacturing location, taking account of the customer’s requirements. 
Virtual modularisation in design leads to customer-specific and optimum-cost solutions, with predictable high quality and short design and installation times.

Facts: Switch panels, faceplates and switches

    • customer-specific definition of forces and travel
    • cam-form calculation for 2D & 3D latching systems
    • tactile feedback simulation to assist in setting required levels early on
    • acoustic design
    • integrated and scalable
    • network-capable (CAN/LIN networking)
    • diagnosis-capable
    • capacitive touch detection
    • uniform regardless of the angle of vision
    • high light intensity
    • secret-till-lit effect for elements not activated
    • contour illumination
    • using the latest light simulation methods
    • thermoplastics using multiple-component processes
    • painting and laser etching
    • in-mould decoration (IMD & IML)
    • platings, including chrome and PVD
    • real metal components
    • real glass components
    • closed function surface with capacitive sensors
    • modular structure
    • standardised modular elements
    • adapted to signal currents and full load currents
    • wear-free contact systems (capacitive, magnetic and optical sensors)