KOSTAL Mechatronik-Module

Roof modules

In modern vehicle development, the potential for integration is steadily increasing in importance.

Integrated functions in the vehicle roof

KOSTAL roof modules combine a wide variety of individual components in a single module. The company’s expertise in switch panels, mechanical, electronic and software fields, lighting technology and simulation techniques make KOSTAL the ideal partner in the development of optimum-interface mechatronic modules.

KOSTAL Dachmodule

Roof modules

KOSTAL roof modules serve as a gateway for communication between the driver and vehicle sub-systems. Sensor signals, from the EC mirror or rain/light sensor for example, are processed in the roof module. Functions handled by KOSTAL modules include:
  • dazzle-free reading lamps and interior lights, using LED or filament lamp technology 
  • control of the entire lighting scene in the vehicle interior, including reading lamps, interior lights and ambient lighting for other vehicle components 
  • tilting / sliding sunshine roof with pinch protection 
  • functional integration of passenger compartment monitoring and vehicle tilt sensors 
  • evaluation of windscreen sensor signals

Facts: Roof modules

    • innovative lighting technologies: optimum illumination without dazzle, using LED and filament lamp technology
    • ambient light elements using multiple colour technology
    • state-of-the-art light simulation processes
    • integrated anti-theft sensors
    • “front passenger air-bag off” display
    • integrated microphones for voice operated controls and hands-free phone
    • integrated pinch-protection software for sliding / tilting sun-roofs
    • powerful microprocessor for monitoring, control and diagnosis
    • OSEK and AUTOSAR
    • CAN and LIN interface to the vehicle bus system
    • integrated high-quality switching devices to operate the sun-roof and lights, and to activate emergency call devices
    • high-quality plastic surfaces – textured, polished, painted
    • harmonisation of colour with interior design, e.g. painted, coloured materials
    • scalable appeal factor using chrome elements