KOSTAL Elektronische Steuergeräte

Body network control units

New functions in the vehicle in so many different areas – e.g. safety, driver-assistance, connectivity and diagnosis – place ever-increasing demands on the performance capability and complexity of communication interfaces.

Data communication modules

KOSTAL has outstanding expertise over a wide product range in the field of bus and transmission systems such as LIN, CAN, Flexray, GSM, PLC and Ethernet, providing powerful and standard systems for the future.

The reliable, efficient management of data streams, which includes the essential deterministic management for data streams, is the objective of KOSTAL gateway solutions.

KOSTAL supports its customers with a practically unlimited combination of communication interfaces and protocols in association with the provision of functions such as E-Call and vehicle tracking, through to server based links.

Access and drive authorisation modules

Easy access and starting the car without having to find the key is something which many end-users find desirable. Car-makers meet this requirement with functions such as passive entry and passive start in practically all vehicle classes.

The secure recognition of authorised access and vehicle start, as well as preventing misuse and vehicle theft are associated challenges.

KOSTAL offers optimum solutions, based on patented and innovative technologies, tailor-made to the customer’s needs. From powerful, high-security systems to systems for emerging markets, from single components to complete systems, KOSTAL provides tailored solutions with added value for the customer.

KOSTAL expertise

Years of experience in HF / LF transfer procedures, from antenna design to simulation and through to the integration of software and hardware function modules, make KOSTAL the ideal partner for wireless and wired communication products of all kinds.

Facts: Body network control units

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