KOSTAL Geschäftsfelder

Business fields

The three business fields of Mechatronic Modules, Switch Panels & Switches and Electronic Control Units act with corporate responsibility in a way which is not only quality-, customer-, and product-oriented but also cost-efficient. This guarantees smooth and comprehensive cooperation between all participants in the global process chain.

Mechatronic modules

KOSTAL Mechatronik-Module
Integration creates synergies. Synergies create cost-efficiency. Our challenge is to utilise these synergies in the right way and integrate the wide range of mechanical and electronic requirements into a perfect product.
Our expertise in integration is what really sets us apart from our competitors – and what has made us the global market leader for steering column modules and shift-by-wire solutions. The Mechatronic Modules business field has been developing and manufacturing highly complex and varied global platform products for our international OEM customers for over 30 years. 
Mechanical design, software development, hardware layout, machine learning and optical simulation are areas of expertise that we combine with each other in interdisciplinary teams. This gives rise to technology for which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Our 3D camera technology enables innovative solutions to be developed for driver drowsiness detection, meaning that KOSTAL can already offer innovations today for the partially autonomous mobility applications of tomorrow.

Excellence in haptics, lighting, surfaces and fragrance systems – KOSTAL Mechatronic Modules help to enhance the brands of our OEM customers.

Herr Dr. Naumann
Dr. Tino Naumann
Executive Vice President Business Field Mechatronic Modules, Switch Panels & Switches

Switch panels & switches

KOSTAL Bedienelemente, Faceplates und Schalter
The function of switch panels varies nowadays in many different respects. It can range from a cost-effective and sturdy realisation of the switching function through to a different role as an icon of operation with outstanding design and technological characteristics.

The Switch Panels & Switches business field supplies freely configurable module and platform concepts which are perfectly tailored to the customer’s requirements. Our production facilities worldwide operate to uniform standards, allowing them to guarantee high flexibility and cost-effective realisation of customer projects. 
This involves satisfying numerous requirements to suit the vehicles concerned. In the premium segment and the high-volume segment alike, our integration capabilities range from the use of high-quality surfaces in combination with real materials, the incorporation of displays and screens right through to the realisation of faceplates with large surface areas.

The user experience in the vehicle interior is our focus while designing switch panels and switches.

Herr Dr. Naumann
Dr. Tino Naumann
Executive Vice President Business Field Mechatronic Modules, Switch Panels & Switches

Electronic control units

KOSTAL Elektronische Steuergeräte
Networked electronic control units constitute the basis of smart automobiles. An increasing number of comfort functions, automated vehicle fleets and their integration into the digitalized world of tomorrow are made possible by the exponentially increasing performance of electronic systems while further accelerating this development at the same time. KOSTAL taps into these possibilities and converts them into innovative comfort control units, power application control units and data control units. 
KOSTAL has established itself as a leading performer in the area of comfort electronics for door, seat and roof control units and offers the entire spectrum from functionally integrated solutions to decentralised black-box solutions.
As one of the first “first-tier” suppliers, KOSTAL supplies charge controllers with appropriate automotive specifications for large-scale production in power classes ranging from 3.6 kW to 22 kW. With their power density, efficiency, thermal properties and the global support of charging standards, these make KOSTAL the market leader.

In terms of data control units and driving and access authorisation systems, KOSTAL boasts a wide range of solutions that extends from gateway control units right through to “keyless-go” systems. KOSTAL control units boast high performance that also meets the growing demands for the communication bandwidth in the vehicle and in all familiar bus systems in the future.

Whether comfort electronics, networks or power electronics, we were and are innovation and integration drivers.

Herr Koschinski
Markus Koschinski
Executive Vice President Business Field Electronic Control Units