Integration - Kern unserer Differenzierung

Integration – when the whole is more than just a sum of its parts

In・te・gra・tion [Production of a unit, incorporation into a larger whole] Sy・ner・gy [combined effort of factors that support each other] Sub・stance [the fundamental nature of things]

Integration creates customer benefits

  • A steering column module that not only integrates a multitude of functions but is also significantly quicker to mount in the customer's plant creates significant advantages for EOM customers. 
  • A driver assistance camera that recognises people and objects in the distance just as well as the water drops on the windscreen supersedes the separate rain sensor. 
  • The new generation of door control units enables significantly simplified cable harnesses in the vehicle and reduces manufacturing and system costs. 
  • The simultaneous start-up of a product in the five different KOSTAL plants around the world serves the OEM customer's platform strategies, reduces its complexity and simultaneously optimises its logistical applications and supply risks.

The common denominator:

KOSTAL comprehensively and successfully applies the core integration expertise which was grown over decades to create synergies for its customers.

The basis of this core expertise: KOSTAL works sustainably, is substance-oriented and strives for long-term success. We understand that what distinguishes KOSTAL down to the minutest detail is the research, pre-development and our decade-long experience with vehicle projects.

"The whole is more than just the sum of its parts"

If something so fundamental coined by Aristotle over two thousand years ago is still shaping the successful medium-sized company in its thinking, actions and decisions today, then it raises the question “why?”. The answer is simple and is founded in the universal strategic focus of integration. Integration constitutes the combination of units or the formation of superordinate wholes. Integration, in Latin integrare, also stands for renewing, enhancing and spiritually refreshing. Translated into modern economic logic, this means achieving the creation of added value through integration and establishing sustainable company success. 

KOSTAL has always been convinced that only reputable or moral conduct and attitude lead to success in the long run. Even in the OEM/supplier business, in which trust is a key factor in success and in the long-term, connections should and must be built and maintained based on partnership, reliable integrity and a clearly recognisable identity are crucial. This applies within the company as well as to relationships with customers, suppliers and other business partners.

Our values create identity. We, that is 'One KOSTAL', a global company group, employing approx. 80% of all employees outside of Germany, operate according to the simple principle: Benefits to the group come before individual benefits in the sense of 'the whole is more than just the sum of its parts'!

The dimensions of integration

The comprehensive organisational and cultural capability for integration in dimensions was and is a prerequisite for the highly-dynamic development of the KOSTAL company. 
At KOSTAL, the following five dimensions are longstanding corporate practice:
  • 'Technical integration' was and is the basis for the mechatronic business: It is all about merging mechanics, electronic hardware, software and physical technology into superior products and processes and integrating them in this way. The technical complexity continually grows in the process. Innovative mechatronic steering column modules, of which KOSTAL has supplied over 20 million in the global market in the last year, can today consist of up to almost 600 mechatronic and electronic components.
  • 'Global integration' was and is an important response to the issue of how KOSTAL can successfully manage rapid global development. Achieving 'One KOSTAL’, a globally coordinated company with integrated local units operating autonomously and consistently managing these units in a global network was and is crucial for the KOSTAL’s success. 
  • "We connect and are committed" reads one of our KOSTAL values. It means: The promise isn’t what counts, but only what is achieved. We achieve excellent results, excellent products and excellent processes through 'vertical integration that leads to its own value creation where quality, speed and cost-effectiveness are decisive. What we can do ourselves, we provide ourselves. 
  • To make 'coordinated autonomy' a part of everyday operations, KOSTAL has developed a matrix organisation that strengthens the company focus using 'business integration'. In addition to functional organisation, the matrix organisation with three business areas, in simple terms, provides the global management of business fields that controls all integrated core areas of expertise to ensure the highest possible levels of quality and cost-effectiveness. Business integration ensures that global platform projects incorporating up to eight KOSTAL businesses are purposefully networked and managed. 
  • 'Human integration' is ultimately to facilitate the effective and efficient collaboration of all KOSTAL employees worldwide, regardless of culture, origins, gender and language. Out positioning in the automotive sector is "Mechatronic for People". However, mechatronic is not, only meant to be developed and produced for people; it is also developed and produced by people – if possible with pleasure in the mutual collaboration. 

    At KOSTAL, these five integration competencies shape our company focus. The following is essential: Improving a little bit every day, continually innovating and complementing what's already there. In future, competencies such as 'customer integration', 'supplier integration' and 'system integration’ in terms of increased connectivity of vehicles with our environment will considerably grow in importance.

These five integration competencies shape our corporate focus at KOSTAL. The following is essential: Improving a little bit every day, continually innovating and complementing what's already there.
In future, competencies such as 'customer integration', 'supplier integration' and 'system integration’ in terms of increased connectivity of vehicles with our environment will considerably grow in importance.

How does KOSTAL structure change?

The impact of present and future fast-moving changes brought about by digital technologies that network people and things in the digital age will shape future change.

The starting point for change at KOSTAL is a common basic understanding of what digital transformation means for the company, its employees and customers. This basic understanding is based on the model of convergence, the fundamental approach and connection of solutions and business models.

Convergence will also dominate the future business model of the automotive industry. The vehicle no longer only serves for individual mobility and movement. It is becoming more and more of a digital end device in that mobile and digital services will assume a far greater share of the current 'traditional' automotive industry.
The differentiating core expertise of integration will also help us in developing and managing the change to market-focussed solutions. By far the most important additional integration competence required to this end is 'eco-system integration'. The ability for KOSTAL to identify relevant 'eco-systems' partners and to merge them in the sense of integration is of critical importance! Consequently, in future, integration will also form a core component of our entrepreneurial approach in sustainably and successfully shaping continuity and change with the right balance and thus creating economic and social value for our company, KOSTAL.