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Aktuell ist Elektromobilität das Top-Thema in Automobilbranche. Die führende Branchen- und Wirtschaftszeitung „Automobilwoche“ beschäftigt sich in ihrer neuen Sonderausgabe mit dem Titel „Generation E – Elektro-Hybrid-Plug-in“ ebenfalls mit dieser Materie.


On the photo from left to right: Dr. Ralf Speth (Chief Executive Officer, Jaguar Land Rover), Carsten Wolff (Vice President Market & Customer, KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik), Joanna Lumley (British TV actress and Award presenter), Dr. Ludger Laufenberg (President & CEO, KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik), Michael Genster (Managing Director, KOSTAL Ireland GmbH), Ian Harnett (Executive Director of Human Resources and Global Purchasing, Jaguar Land Rover)

JLR is the UK's largest car maker, with volumes this year exceeding 700,000 premium sector vehicles.  Amongst other product, KOSTAL Ireland manufacture Door Zone Modules for every JLR vehicle in series production (usually delivering 4 per car) and because of this excellent performance have (along with KOSTAL China) recently been nominated for the next generation business with production starting in 2019.

The award was given specifically for showing resilience in very challenging circumstances – across the KOSTAL global team, we have been working with a supplier who was affected by a natural disaster.  Had the approach of the team not been successful, this event could have caused very severe and costly interruptions to the Jaguar Land Rover production lines in the UK and China.  However, due to very close management and team work involving many different functions and sites, what could have been a very damaging event has instead been shown to be an excellent example of how the ONE KOSTAL approach can really protect the customer and ultimately deliver customer satisfaction.