KOSTAL Mechatronik-Module

Centre console modules

By integrating controls, customer-specific tactile feedback and acoustics with high quality design elements and innovative touch and sensor technology, KOSTAL has set new standards for the human-machine interface.

Intuitive driver support and future-oriented technology

KOSTAL centre console modules combine intuitive driver support, high-quality design surfaces and future-oriented technology, all in a single mechatronic unit, providing an optimum solution for the vehicle architecture and brand world of our customers.

KOSTAL Mittelkonsolenmodule

Shift-by-wire gear selector switches

The introduction of shift-by-wire gear selector switches in modern vehicles with automatic gearboxes is a trend which is now unstoppable. Their outstanding functionality and flexibility make them superior to previous systems in many respects.

In addition, this new system gives the interior designer much greater freedom in deciding the form of the centre console.

Tailored to the customer

Centrally-located 3D control elements (latching systems) make it possible to meet individual customer wishes and requirements in terms of layout and tactile feedback. Fully configurable actuators can hold the transmission system in the gear which has been selected, or move the gear lever automatically to achieve optimum performance, providing driver support to a degree previously unknown.

With this system, the gear selector switch can be fully integrated in line with minimum gap dimensions and design trends.

KOSTAL Mittelkonsolenmodule

Safety requirements

Error detection and compensation routines are essential components of the functional software for the integrated electronic unit. These ensure optimum reliability of operation and system availability in accordance with the specified ASIL B safety integrity level for the overall system, including gearbox and transmission.

Facts: Centre console modules

    • transmission range and steptronic mode can be selected at will
    • configurable actuator stops / barriers
    • actuator provides automatic reset from steptronic mode
    • sport mode activation
    • non-contact Hall sensors
    • ASIL B to ISO 26262
    • optimised free play
    • fully configurable to the customer’s requirements
    • monostable or latching
    • individual force level display
    • high-quality plastic surfaces - textured, polished
    • scalable appeal factor with painted, leather, metal and ceramic surfaces
    • integrated high-quality symbol elements
    • PT-CAN
    • LIN
    • redundancy meeting the safety classification required
    • fully-integrated, high-quality controls for suspension and
      comfort functions
    • touch-pad integration
    • customer-specific search and function illumination