KOSTAL Code of Conduct

KOSTAL is over 100 years old and in all these years we have been and continue to be sustainably very successful in what we have done and are doing.

To continue this, it is essential that we abide by the law and act with integrity. It goes without saying that each and every one of us is committed to this. KOSTAL is aware of its social responsibility in all its global activities and sees this as a fundamental element of sustainable success. As a family-run business, we know how to preserve, develop and pass on a legacy for future generations. Sustainable business practices that protect the environment and resources, and put people first, are key to preserving our legacy – perhaps even more so today than in the past.

This Code of Conduct shows you how we think and act at KOSTAL and which values guide us in all that we do. It forms the foundation on which all other guidelines are based.

Acting ethically and with integrity enables KOSTAL to continue to build and maintain its excellent reputation in the industry, to attract and retain outstanding colleagues and to meet the high expectations placed on us by our customers, suppliers, partners and society.

This Code of Conduct provides you with an understanding of how the company and you must act sustainably, today and in the future – wherever you are in the world. It shows what is expected of you, your colleagues and our business partners in the course of your work.

Please read this Code of Conduct carefully and observe the principles of conduct it covers.

Do not be afraid to ask if you are not quite sure how to interpret individual principles. Your supervisors and the Legal and Compliance Department will be happy to help you.



On the SpeakUp platform, you can anonymously and easily report infringement of our compliance guidelines.

Code of Conduct

In our ePaper, discover how abiding with the law and acting with integrity has shaped our actions for over 100 years.

For suppliers

In the ePaper, discover the code of conduct you need to follow in your work with KOSTAL.