KOSTAL Zahlen, Daten und Fakten

KOSTAL in numbers

  • Gründung
    Founding year: 1912
  • Umsatz
    €2,589 million turnover in 2019 provisionally 
  • Mitarbeiter
    20,000 employees worldwide
  • Forschung
    R&D investment equates to 8,8% of turnover
  • Standorte
    46 locations in 21 countries on 4 continents

Business development

In 2019, KOSTAL achieved a turnover of €2,589 million provisionally, of which €2,252 million or 87% was attributable to the KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik.

According to issue 15/2019 of Automotive News, the leading newspaper in the industry, KOSTAL is in 79th place among automotive suppliers with the highest turnover worldwide.

KOSTAL in comparison

The company employs 20,000 staff members, of whom 83% work at locations outside Germany. This corresponds to the capacity of the “Kölnarena” in Cologne. KOSTAL is represented on 4 continents with 46 locations in 21 countries, making it a true global player. 
In 2019, 277 million KOSTAL products were supplied to customers, of which 41 million were Electronic Control Units, 40 million were Mechatronic Modules and 174 million were Switch Panels & Switches. If we assume a width of 20 cm per part, KOSTAL products would easily stretch around the Equator (40,075 km) when lined up end to end. 
In the past year, more than 27 million steering column modules were sold: in other words, nearly one third of all cars were equipped with a KOSTAL steering column module. According to the German Association of the Automotive Industry, 85 million passenger cars were manufactured worldwide in 2019. KOSTAL products worth €25 were installed in every vehicle on average. 
In 2019 KOSTAL invests more than 9% of its turnover into research and development. With an average of 6.6% of turnover, these investments continuously exceed depreciation and write-downs.