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South Westphalia – home of global market leaders

As part of an initiative of the Märkischer Kreis district in Germany, 34 of the 39 global market leaders based in the Märkischer Kreis district have taken advantage of the offer of displaying their logos on a public transport bus belonging to the MVG transport operator in order to promote the strong industrial region of South Westphalia.

Weltmarktführer KOSTAL

As over 50 per cent of the district’s area is forested, it made perfect sense to choose a verdant coniferous forest for the background: the Märkischer Kreis district, an industrial region surrounded by greenery. „The idea behind this rolling advertisement hoarding was simply to say thank you to the mostly medium-sized and often family-run companies. They add to the strength of the area as an industrial location and contribute to the quality of life by offering so many jobs,” said District Administrator Thomas Gemke as the bus was unveiled.

„We can take great pride in the South Westphalia industrial region. It leads the way in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and is in third place at a national level,” emphasised Gemke. Although South Westphalia may already have left the Ruhr region in its wake, the name “Ruhr” is still the embodiment of a strong manufacturing location for many people.

Hubertus Winterberg from the agency “Südwestfalen Agentur” is delighted with the district’s initiative. „The MVG Global Market Leaders bus appeals above all to the younger population, the school leavers, students and apprentices”, he explains, referring to the good vocational training prospects in the region.

With its innovative products, KOSTAL has also been a global market leader established and based in South Westphalia for decades and advertises itself with its logo on the MVG „Global Market Leaders bus”.