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Top marks in 2019 – two excellent results for KOSTAL trainees

This year two of our trainees, Hannes Weilbrecht and Tim Buhle, completed two and a half and three years of training respectively. They passed their South Westphalia Chamber of Industry and Commerce (SIHK) exams in mechatronics and industrial business management with a grade of 'very good'.

At a ceremony marking the 175th anniversary of SIHK they were recognised for this outstanding achievement by SIHK president Ralf Stoffels and chief executive Ralf Geruschkat.

Peter Zeisberg, who is responsible for trainees at KOSTAL, said: "Instructors from KOSTAL also attended the ceremony to honour the year's best trainees and congratulated Hannes Weilbrecht and Tim Buhle on their success, especially since this is a sign of the excellent quality of training at KOSTAL."