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High profile visit to KOMAK

Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, along with Minister of Transport and Communication Goran Sugareski and acting Mayor of Ohrid Konstantin Georgieski visited the KOMAK facility in Ohrid Macedonia.

Chris Sanders, Viktor Mizo and the KOMAK Management team toured the production facility with their guests and described the processes and activities that have been implemented in the plant since its official start in October 2016. Since 2016, 25 Mil EUR have been investment in the plant with a creation of 350 jobs. Phase 2 investment that commenced at the beginning of 2019 will add additional over 24 Mil EUR and create 200 new jobs until end of 2021.

The need for adjustment of customs duties in line with the duties in the EU was raised along with the necessary support and government assistance in making investment and operation in the automotive industry in Macedonia more competitive especially in advanced production technologies. “We are convinced that with the experience that we've already had here in Macedonia, and with the commitments  that we have received today on how we will move forward together, we are going to be able to really make a great success not only for us as a company, but for the town of Ohrid and for the country overall." - Sanders stated. 

The Prime Minister and his team were impressed with the state of the production facility and the working conditions offered in KOMAK and pointed it as an example of a successful investment in the country from a regional economic development standpoint and a further encouragement for other companies to follow KOMAK's positive experience.