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Made in Germany – Made by Diversity

"Made in Germany – Made by Diversity" is an initiative involving 50 family-owned companies, including KOSTAL, campaigning for greater tolerance and more of an international mindset in our rapidly globalising world.

KOSTAL didn’t just decide to get involved in this initiative because it’s a perfect match for the company’s focus on the same values. The decision was also underpinned by the fact that KOSTAL is a global player with staff from abroad and staff working abroad.

KOSTAL believes that freedom and an openness towards different attitudes is indispensable – and not just from this perspective. Originally set up by Vorwerk, this initiative was very well received by KOSTAL staff and continues to resonate today.

More information on the initiative can be found here: https://www.wirtschaft-regional.net/unternehmen-maerkte/made-in-germany-made-by-vielfalt/