KOSTAL Pressebereich
Lüdenscheid, 01/06/2020

Expansion of the Management Board KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik

The introduction of the new Management Board structure of KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik with its global and cross-functional cooperation represents a decisive milestone in the corporate history of KOSTAL, through which KOSTAL intends to successfully meet the challenges of a highly dynamic and complex market environment for and together with its customers.

With the expansion of the KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik Management Board to three leadership personalities KOSTAL is aiming to strengthen the autonomy and independence of the KOSTAL Automotive Division by a close link of strong regions and global functions.

KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik is now headed by Kai Knickmann as CEO together with Dr Tino Naumann and Jörg Schwerak as members of the Management Board. In order to make the close and successful linkage of strong regions and global functions at KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik even more effective, the Management Board is being structured into three areas of responsibility:

As CSO, Dr Tino Naumann (48) has global functional responsibility for Sales and Program & Portfolio Management. In a dual role as President & CEO KOSTAL North America, Dr Naumann takes over responsibility for the KOSTAL Americas region including Brazil.

As CTO, Jörg Schwerak (51) continues to have global R&D responsibility. At the same time, Jörg Schwerak takes over responsibility for KOSTAL Asia with the national entities in China, Japan, India and South Korea.  

In a dual role, Kai Knickmann (56) takes over the role as COO leading the KOSTAL Region Europe+. "Europe+" includes the EU plants in Bulgaria, Ireland, Spain and the Czech Republic as well as sites in the UK, Morocco, Northern Macedonia and the Ukraine. Kai Kickmann has global functional responsibility for Purchasing, Operations and Industrialisation and, in his role as CEO, for Controlling, Human Resources and Quality.

Left to right: Kai Knickmann (CEO), Dr Tino Naumann (CSO), Jörg Schwerak (CTO)