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KOSTAL Spain appears in a well-known Human Resources magazine due to its corporate app

The magazine “Factor Humano” has written an article about KOSTAL Spain’s innovative employee app. The article is published in their current issue number 4, 2021 as a "Case Study".

Left to right: Josep Senar (Human Resources Director, KOSPA) with Ricard Grau (Business Development Manager, IThinkUPC)
The project, released in 2019, was developed by IThinkUPC & KOSTAL Spain (KOSPA) with the following aims: Simplification and intensification of communication and reaching the entire organization.

Although the frequent communication channels like Intranet, employee e-mail and screens in the dining areas were being used, KOSPA felt that some internal communication could be improved, especially with employees working in operational areas without access to a corporate e-mail.
The implementation was extremely successful: In the first 3 weeks, almost the 95% of the employees had downloaded the app onto their smartphones. 

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