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Six Sigma Award Winners in 2020 

KOSTAL’s Quality Headquarters have awarded high performing Six Sigma Projects with the Six Sigma Award during the recent years. Therefore, during the Quality Manager Meeting 2020, the Six Sigma Award Winners were announced. Three projects had performed outstandingly; their overall results, the application of methodology, and the respective project documents have proven this.

Six Sigma is a systematic procedure for process improvement using analytical and statistical methods. The description, measurement, analysis, improvement and monitoring of products and processes is its core element.

In total, the committee had received various applications from all over the KOSTAL world. Based on a pre-selection, which had been conducted at each KOSTAL site, all of the project applications had a very high standard. Among these final applicants, three projects from the locations KOSTAL Mexico II, KOSTAL Mexico III and KOSTAL China have performed outstandingly! Their overall results, the application of methodology, and the respective project documents have shown, that these teams put an amazing lot of effort into it and that they were thereby able to accomplish very impressive results. Conclusively, their achievements should have been honored with the “Six Sigma Award” trophy.

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing COVID-19 circumstances and the respective travel regulations, we were not able to invite the winners to our global Quality Manager Meeting (QMM) 2020, as it had become a tradition during the years before. The QMM 2020 was also performed in a digital and reduced version. Nevertheless, when the winners’ projects were presented, all Quality Managers and Headquarters’ colleagues were very impressed by the winners’ achievements.

Dr. Bjoern Dietrich, Executive Vice President Quality, emphasizes the “positive effect on the general way to work with Six Sigma – based on facts and figures” as well as that “the Mindset – based on data – is most important”.

Quality Headquarters congratulate not only the winners - but also their representatives, project team members and all of their Six Sigma colleagues. All these projects have performed outstandingly. Thank you!