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KOSTAL renews sponsorship agreement with UPC until 2023

KOSTAL Spain has been supporting the UPC ecoRacing team since 2014. This is a technological research association in Spain composed mainly of engineering students from the ESEIAAT University with the main objective to develop new eco-friendly technologies in the automotive sector.

KOSTAL is happy to announce that they have renewed the sponsorship with UPC ecoRacing for the 9th season in 2023. Hundreds of engineers will be trained and prepared in a professional environment.

The project will further develop the single-seater with pioneering technologies for autonomous driving, At the same time, studies on the integration of new technologies will be made possible.

Below are some of the competitions of the new season:
Formula Student Netherlands from July 8 to 13 - Manual Mode.
- Formula Student Germany from August 14 to 20 - Driverless Cup.
- Formula Student Spain - date pending - Driverless Cup.

KOSTAL is proud to be able to support UPC ecoRacing with this project. Good luck in this new season!